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Welcome to the updated CERTI-TECH web site!

Thermo King is pleased to announce the implementation of an on-line version of the CERTI-TECH service technician certification program. This program is primarily intended to enhance the effectiveness of your Service Shop by raising and maintaining the standard of technician education.


It is now possible for technicians to sit their CERTI-TECH tests on-line. The details are explained in the Support section of this web site.


As a Thermo King Dealer, you can access the CERTI-TECH results for your Dealership online - just use the Contact section of this site to apply for a user account to access your results.

With over 12,324 tests taken since the program launch, Certi-Tech is a key component in maintaining Thermo King's market leading position. Rigorous testing and certification ensure that the best, most fully trained total quality Dealer Service Network is Thermo King.

Lucien Wauthier
Service & Training Manager ESA
Thermo King Corp.

Note: If you experience any problems in obtaining or using your username and password, or have any queries about using this web site, please contact support@certi-tech.com

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